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Our Approach

The HOSO programs are designed to provide a fun educational choice for a child's out-of-school time.

  • Our program is supplementary and is designed to enhance a school's science curriculum. It is offered as an enrichment alternative like music, dance, or sports. It encourages children to observe their world by exploring and experiencing in a relaxed, playful, but guided framework.
  • We provide exposure to "science for fun" in a safe environment, with ample time for children to get attention in small groups. HOSO Adult Leaders are trained to encourage inquiry and discovery. Some children are anxious in school about grades or failure. HOSO programs allow them to enjoy science without these fears.
  • We believe that children, perhaps all of us, learn best by doing. Behavioral studies have shown that children tend to remember what they discover for themselves, better than things presented to them through reading or lecturing. Children's natural curiosity predisposes them to seek and find explanations for the world around them.

HOSO encourages children to ask questions, conduct experiments and learn how science is involved in their daily lives. We believe children should experience the joy of learning and the self-respect that comes from using their minds to solve a problem.


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