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Adult Leader Training

HOSO Adult Leader training shows participants how to:

  • Lead informal science activities using our guides.
  • Connect science and play.
  • Use simple, common materials to set up experiments and explorations.
  • Ask questions that will engage a child's natural curiosity.

Adult Leaders come from your community to encourage informal science education (non-compulsory education) as a lifelong involvement for everyone: They are parents, teachers, researchers, business professionals, graduate students and retirees who have college degrees and prior experience working with children.

We provide two types of Adult Leader training.

  • A three-hour New Leader Orientation focuses on our style of informal science education. Participants learn to lead small groups of children in a relaxed, inquiry-based environment. Adult Leaders attend this only once.
  • A materials training workshop is offered prior to each eight-week session. Adult Leaders are given teaching tips and a complete box of materials. These workshops typically last one and a half hours and give leaders a chance to review all of the activities that they will engage in with the children.

In some locations, teachers can receive Continuing Professional Development units for HOSO training.


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