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Meet Us

Mauritius Katz is the founder of the Hands On Science Programs and currently serves as Executive Director. She has an MA and Ph.D. in Science Education from the University of Maryland.
Simone Griner, Director of Program Content, has been with the Hands On Science Programs since 1982. She has a BS in Elementary Education and an MS in Math/Science Curriculum and Instruction.
Jeniffer Hess, Outreach Coordinator, works with current and potential HOSO program sites. She has a BS in journalism and political science and a background in communications.
Sandra Page, financial administrator, handles HOSO's financial records and administration. Susan is a certified public accountant with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.
Barbra Harrington, Administrative Assistant, manages material orders and customer service. Barbra is currently enrolled in Anne Arundel Community College working towards her Associate of Science with Concentration on Business Management.
George MacMillan, Receptionist/Secretary, attended Prince George's Community College in Maryland and provided technical support at a large telecommunications corporation for 23 years.

Board of Directors
Jane Beth Beattie
Jane practices law in Rockville, Maryland. Her specialty is taxation and estate planning. She is a member of both the Maryland and Washington D.C. Bar Associations and has represented entrepreneurs and small businesses in planning and contractual law.
Francisco Cardea
Francisco is a CPA, who has had business and accounting experience working with a broad range of companies from large commercial contractors to not-for-profits.
Anita Cephas
Anita is a resource teacher for gifted and talented students at Ellicot Mills Middle School in Howard County, Maryland. Anita brings the teacher's perspective to the HOSO Board and is HOSO's Board Secretary.
Judy Ehrstein
Judy is a pharmacist who served as the first president of HOSO . Her interest in afterschool science started when she volunteered to coordinate the Hands On Science Program in one of the first schools to request the program. She is currently serving as Vice President of the HOSO Board.
Dr. Michael Feldman
A Professor of Chemistry at Howard University, Marty keeps the HOSO staff informed about efforts and opportunities in elementary school level chemistry education.
Dr. Jervis Floyd
As a retired Associate Director of Jervis experience with school systems across the country. He is the current HOSO Board President.
Simone Kline Pope
Simone is the Director of the National Academy Press at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. She is responsible for training and direction of professional managers in all areas of publishing.
Dr. Wins Nottingham
Wins is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of the District of Columbia.
Harry Schwarz
Harry is a mathematician with the Mitre Corporation and a computer specialist. He is serving as Treasurer of the HOSO Board.
Bruce Somerville
Bruce has extensive experience in science education in both teaching and administration. She worked for both Montgomery and Howard Counties in Maryland developing and implementing innovative curricula.
Michelle Torres-Piñero
Michelle is a CPA and sole practitioner of her own accounting practice in Maryland. She has done extensive work with small businesses and nonprofits in planning and managing accounting needs. Michelle is also the founder and President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County, MD. She believes that HOSO can benefit all children and her presence on the Board will provide us with expertise to reach a greater audience.
Dr. Ron Wachs
Ron is the founder and director of the Vision and Conceptual Development Center. He is an expert in Piaget's learning theories, focusing on developmentally appropriate learning strategies.

Frank Winfield
Frank, a licensed professional engineer, retired from Potomac Electric Power Company in Washington, DC, is currently a consulting engineer providing Short Circuit, Relay Coordination, Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis Studies for electric power systems.