Hands On Science


Starting a HOSO Program

You can launch HOSO in your community with three simple steps:

1. Attend our 2-day HOSO Leadership Training Workshop
This exciting, fun-filled hands-on training workshop will prepare you to become a certified HOSO Area Coordinator. Participants will learn about HOSO's history, philosophy, teaching and learning methods, use of science materials and administration techniques. Area Coordinators should have a Bachelor's degree or higher. Call the HOSO office for costs, training dates and locations.
2. Coordinate Community Resources.

Area Coordinators use HOSO's model to promote HOSO programs, organize student groups and to select and train Adult Leaders to work with small groups of children.

3. Order Activity Guides and Program Materials.

The trained HOSO Area Coordinator is the person authorized from your community to order and receive HOSO programs.

Let us help you make more science enrichment available to the children in your community.

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