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The Family Fun Calendar



Make science a daily adventure with
The Family Fun Calendar

Read, invent, calculate, surf the web and build models

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Exploring the world we live in through science is a natural starting point for skill and content building in any field. With the "Science Comes To Life" calendar you can:

  • Investigate a different theme each month.
    The topics on each page span history, social studies, art, music and of course, math and science. Make finding out things FUN!

  • Begin at any time of the year.
    The months and dates are blank. Circle the month at the top of the page and add the dates in the upper right hand corner of each block. Then fill in the blocks with tally marks, numbers or pictures to record your findings.

  • Collect information about everyday experiences.
    Look for meaningful patterns and predict what could happen next. Use the data collected for a way to practice math that is real to the children.

  • Discover the fun in both English and Spanish.
    Everything is written in both languages for opportunities to think and learn.

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