Hands On Science


Program Cycle:

Structure and Change
  - Fall
  - Winter
  - Spring
Science Patterns
  - Fall
  - Winter
  - Spring
  - Fall
  - Winter
  - Spring
Summer Science


MATHSMART, developed by HOSO under a grant from the National Science Foundation, provides the components of the HOSO programs in an early childhood mathematical readiness program. Young children, those who teach them in classes, and parents can gain from these experiences. The general goals are to provide:

  • Concrete mathematical experience: things to touch and words to use with them
  • Mathematical and interdisciplinary stimulation
  • Mathematical success through age appropriate play
  • A start on understanding that mathematical concepts come from many cultures and are useful to all of us
  • Exposure to new materials or new ways of looking at familar things
  • Ownership of the materials: something to bring home and talk about with family and friends

GEOMETRY - This unit helps children to:
  • Recognize common geometric shapes
  • Name shapes
  • Classify shapes
  • Match shapes
  • Form shape

NUMBER - This unit helps children to:
  • Practice naming numbers
  • Understand number as sequence
  • Understand number as quantity
  • Group numbers of objects
  • Practice comparison in number

CHANCE - This unit helps children to:
  • Understand the concept of prediction
  • Practice considering reasonable risks
  • Increase experiences in estimating
  • Practice having a "feel" for the right answer
  • Recognize that people all over the world challenge themselves with games of chance

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